Road Condition

The asphalt is in excellent condition, in the ⅓ direction from Choryně the asphalt is completely new.

Fun Factor

A very interesting place for those who don't have many horses (15m elevation gain) and want to enjoy the beautiful curves.


There is very little traffic on this road. Be careful especially with agricultural machinery as there is an agricultural cooperative near the route.

If you prefer roads that don’t lead uphill, then this one is for you. It starts in the small village of Choryně in the Zlín region and continues towards Komárovice. This 6,3 kilometre long road with an elevation of only 15 metres will offer you beautiful tight curves with excellent asphalt. This route was made famous by one stage of the Wallachian Rally, which is held here every year and it is definitely one of the reasons to visit this route.

Latest News on this Road

11.10.2021 - Brand new asphalt has already been laid in the other 2/3 of the road

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