Road Condition

New asphalt has been laid in the direction of Dušná from the town of Vsetín. The second half of the route is in worse condition

Fun Factor

Around Vsetín this road is one of the best where you can ride. It usually doesn't end at one downhill.


The best traffic is in the evening from about 6 p.m. onwards.

This section starts in the town of Vsetín in the Beskydy Mountains in the Czech Republic and leads towards Malá Bystřice. One of the most interesting winding roads in the Vsetín region, where you can find beautiful tight turns. Some people (including me) prefer to drive from the other side of this road, from a small village called Mala Bystřice.

In 2021, from the direction of Vsetín, new asphalt was laid in ⅓ of the section, the other ⅔ of the route runs on already quite worn out asphalt. However, from the direction of Malé Bystřice to Vsetín the asphalt is in better condition.

If you visit here, I recommend stopping at the top of Dušná, from where you have a wonderful view of the surrounding hills. If you are a walker, you can take a short 5km walk from the top of Dušná to the Cáb Mountain Hotel, where you can have a good refreshment.

Unfortunately, this hotel is off limits to motor vehicles, so leave your car at the top of Dušná, where there is also a car park.

Latest News on this Road

3.10.2021 – In the section before Dušná in the direction from the town of Vsetín, beware of the gravel on the road.

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